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Login for Remote Access to Library Online Resources

Terms and Conditions of Use

  1. Information from licenced online resources may only be used for education and research purposes and not for any commercial purpose.
  2. Your access to these resources is not transferable to anyone else.
  3. Systematic downloading of large amounts of data from these resources, including the use of web crawler software or other automated means of downloading, is a breach licence agreements and not permitted.
  4. Please ensure that there is adequate security on your home computer and network to prevent unauthorised access.
  5. Use of these resources may be further limited by specific licence conditions, as well as the University's policies on Copyright and and IT Acceptable Use and Security.
By continuing to login to this resource you agree to comply with these conditions.


What are my username and password?

Please note: If you are both a student and a staff member, use your staff OneID to login

Students Username: Student number
Password : OneID password (help)
Staff Username: "MQ" then staff number (eg. mq20071234)
Password : OneID password (help)
Other Library card holders Username: "MQG" number on your Library Card
Password : OneID password (help)

Eligible users for accessing online resources.   Database access for alumni.